Exchange of Truth

The Lord has had me thinking about truth… His Truth… It is absolute, unchangeable, desirable, life giving… and because many times WE exchange that truth for a lie, we are open to all kinds of problems.

As I’ve been meditating on this, my Beloved reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures;

Psalm 119:32  “I run in the path of your commands for you have set my heart free”

When I heard it the first time, something happened in my spirit, my heart lept, I felt free, I’d never thought of His word as a place I could run… there was a sense of safety in this, protection, a sense of peace….

I closed my eyes and said these words over again…. I felt like I was running in an open field, down the laneway of our childhood vacation cottage, a place of safety and beauty.

I run in the paths of Your Commands…. Wow, I can run in the path of Your teachings, Your desires for me, Your words of life… because You have “Set me Free” from the weight of all I was carrying, from the heaviness of loss and guilt and fear and rejection, the sense of bondage to the past… 

What the Lord had done inside of me when I returned to Him, gave my heart wings.  His truth had cut the chains that had bound my heart from so much pain, and set me free… Free to Hope for the future He had always planned for me, gave my heart wings to live and breath new life, HIS life, and I understood that my desire was to run in the path of His word, to run in life, free to feel protected by His Word, with a sense of safety that no matter what, He was beside me, within me, leading me, directing me guiding me on this path of life… and I could Trust Him…

Freedom and Trust came because He set my heart free and His Word, His guidebook for living gave me all I needed to fulfill the plans He had for me the very thing that my heart desired…

Over the years, this scripture continually speaks to me… He keeps my heart free. Through the difficulties and challenges of life over the years, and those that I’m sure you have faced over the years…. You can run with freedom into all He has for you, because He holds your heart, He leads you in His ways that bring Life and freedom, joy and hope…We need this truth now more than ever!  Don’t lose site of His Word.

What a beautiful Word He gave me, what a beautiful exchange… Do you sense it?…

It’s there for you to receive… All you have to do is Let Go of what was and let Him catch your heart, and give you a new vision, and new Hope..   He who is faithful..will do it!

May the Lord watch between me and you, while we are absent one from another…..

Till we meet again

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