Divine Exchange of Identity


This word holds different meaning for all of us; it brings up thoughts and feelings of how we have seen ourselves from early childhood to the present, as we asked and have/or we continue to ask ourselves, Who am I, where do I fit, What is my purpose?.

How that gets answered is different for many of us and sadly to say most of the time, we come into agreement with an identity that is shaped by our world, our parents, our siblings, our experiences RATHER than by the One who CREATED US.

A sense of unworthiness, of being of little real value or a sense of no true purpose invades our minds and our core belief about ourselves, then these thoughts and emotions are reinforced by a world around us full of competition or and comparison.  We accept an identity far less than our Creator planned for us, and Far Far less than our true value.

When this is our state of being,  we can never truly take our rightful place in God’s plan for our lives, as long as we only see ourselves from our natural minds perspective of who we are, or we allow ourselves to be shaped and pushed into the box others create for our purpose.

God is bringing His sons and daughters into their true identity in this hour so that we can be people of the Kingdom of God that He always created us to be, and desired.

We can accomplish so many things, that God has called us to, and still carry around a sense of insignificance.

Why?  Because, at the core of who we are do not see ourselves AS God sees us.

My encounter with God in this area was powerful!… In moments I learned so much.

As I was praying, asking the Lord, why I was struggling within myself, the Word Insignificance came before my eyes, like a banner that grew larger and larger, and then in a moment, He said.

That is not truth.  YOU are significant… You are made in MY IMAGE and MY LIKENESS… I spoke into you before you ever were conceived in your mothers womb…. I spoke into you WHO you are, What you will do, All that is within you, I spoke into you, and I CREATED YOU LIKE ME… with the ability to sound like me, to look like I do in your actions and deeds… You were created to REFLECT ME and I AM in YOU.

So many memories came up, words of how my past experiences made me think about who I am, and the value of who I am; as I was thinking them, seeing the words, experiencing the emotions, I heard him say… these are not real.  The experiences were real and the thoughts you think about yourself seem real, but they are not because THEY ARE NOT MY TRUTH about you. 

The only Truth is MY TRUTH, and  it was as if the Lord was melting away the thoughts that had been cemented in my mind, distorted emotions in my heart began to melt away, like wax of a lit candle, and The light of HIS WORDS began to take  hold in my heart and mind.


WOW,,, IT was like I was there, at the beginning when He spoke me into being, I was renewed, with a PURE sense of WHO I AM.  I saw that I was FILLED with the glory, nature purpose and presence of God as His daughter!

I had recently learned something powerful, that He brought back to my remembrance.    That In the garden of Eden, God told Adam and Eve to “Be fruitful and multiply”  which meant – to build a kingdom of people, made in the image and likeness of God, to govern the lands they possess in ways that represented Him, and His Kingdom.  That was what He originally intended His sons and daughters to do.

All throughout the Old Testament, God continually said to Israel, His people, Follow me, Be Holy as I am Holy, You will be my people, I will be your God.    They understood what that meant. When a smaller country was being taken over by a larger country, in exchange for the larger countries protection they would supply grain, money etc., and they would be protected by the larger.

The larger country would place a statue of the leader in the smaller countries to make the people remember who their Leader was, who was in charge.

In the same way, God told His people you are made in my image and likeness.. put no other Gods before you, no other graven images, and do not give or be given to those around you.   You are mine, and I am yours, BE HOLY as I AM HOLY…  you can do this because you are MADE in My Image and Likeness. 

In the midst of all that is going on around us, we may forget this… We were Made In our God’s Image and Likeness, do BE as He is, in this world.  We are to be and bring forth sons and daughters of HIS KINGDOM, and wherever we find ourself, we are to rule and govern the spheres around us, so that they reflect the Kingdom of God here on this earth; our lives, our homes, our jobs, our communities, regions, countries.

Wow!!! In this there is renewed purpose, and renewed strength to stand in WHO He has called us to be, regardless of those around us, regardless of the experiences of life.

The more we renew our minds to this truth, the more we understand that ALL we need we have in HIM, and this becomes a powerful TRUTH we live from.    We can live the reality of the scripture. “If God be FOR us, who can be against us! “

The Word comes alive anew and we are able to move into those places that we have previously not been able to as we see ourselves through the eyes of Our MAKER, Our LORD, our greatest ENCOURAGER! Trusting this truth becomes ALIVE within you in a fresh new way, and you step into what your creator has for you in this season of your life with confidence and courage. May the Lord watch between me and you until we meet again! Blessings, Wendy

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