Dance of the Beloved

One of my first revelations that brought about a Divine Exchange in my mind, emotions and beliefs about myself, was an encounter I had with my heavenly Father…

At the time, I has recently rededicated my life to Jesus, surrendered my future to him, but struggled with thoughts, beliefs, ideas about myself… Much healing would come.. He knew, He understood.

In a moment of time, He came before me in a vision. The room was dark around the endges and I couldn’t see why, but then HE showed up..He came up to me, looked at me with such love and asked “Will you dance with me?” I thought this is strange. I asked “Me, Why would YOU be asking me to dance. There are many others… He repeated the question. “Yes YOU. Will you dance with me” his hand still extended.

I looked at Him, His eyes so intent on me… I said “okay, I will”…

He took me into His arms, and brought me into the centre of the floor, and began to lead me in a dance, like in a waltz, around the room. I noticed the disturbance around the edges of the room, and looked at Him… I remember Him saying very clearly to me… “Wendy, I am making an open display of you to the enemy, so that THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHOSE YOU ARE!“You are Mine, forever mine“. As I looked closely, I saw the arrows being shot from the sidelines, and all the while, my Lord kept His back to them, absorbing the arrows into His back, protecting me from them, and all the while I began to understand that He was letting every enemy I had and would have, the I WAS HIS and HE WAS MINE…

I had chosen Him, chosen to surrender my life to Him. I didn’t know how I would work through all I needed to in my personal life and BECOME ALL that He had planned for me, but He reassured me in that moment…..

I was NOT alone, He would protect me, He would lead me in all my ways, and anything that would get to me HAD to come through HIM first.

He is MY BELOVED…. And… I AM HIS….. and so are YOU!

Song of Solomen 4:7 “You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you”

Painting by W.Pierce

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